miércoles, noviembre 12

Lottery ticket

Robin: We, we still have our deal, right? if we're both still single when we're 40?
Ted: Yeah.
R: Yeah.
T: No. Look I'm sorry I...I can't do that anymore. As long as the door is even a little bit open, I have this feeling that I'll just be waiting around to see if I win the lottery when you turn 40. I think you know how you  feel about me now, and I don't think time's going to change that.... Just tell me, do you love me?
R:.... No.
De alguna manera obvie esa línea de HIMYM. Es el mismo episodio de "cuando una puerta se cierra..."

On the hook.... Que mientras no te aseguren que no has ganado y nunca ganarás, y que tu boleto no es valido ya, vas a seguir revisando los resultados. And that's fucked up.

Yo nunca fui tu amor....

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