lunes, noviembre 10

A to Z Pilot

Dinesh: Of course, if you believe in the one, you must also accept the fact that the negative one also exists.
Andrew: The negative one?
Lora: - Think about it, you start dating someone.
Dinesh: - For a while things are perfect.
Lora: You go to Comic-Con dressed as Nightwing and Starfire.
Dinesh: From our Wolf man's run on "The New Teen Titans". But then things change. Everything they do starts to drive you nuts.
Lora: Like how they write on windows after they saw the social network. It doesn't make you Mark Zuckerberg, does it?
Dinesh: Or how they point out ways how you're not Mark Zuckerberg.
Lora: The person you thought was the one turns out to be the negative one.

Cosas que uno aprende viendo televisión.

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