jueves, mayo 3

Nothing compares to you

Playlist de esperar. Pero también la de cansarse.
La que puede malinterpretarse.

Polica Lay your cards out *** Stereophonics Nothing Compares to you *** The Wallflowers One Headlight*** Little Dragon No love* ** Nacho vegas Al norte del norte *** Zwan Declaration of faith *** Collective soul Feels like *** Phantogram 16 years *** Garden on a trampolin (yeah yeah yeahs cover) Cheated hearts

*{In these little moments i am waiting girl, ger your head right I'am waiting}{I know that living with you was sometimes hard but i'm willing to give it another try}

*{Sometimes i thing i'd like to watch it burn. I feel just like somebody else}{So I sit and wail till it appears. Hopefully before next year. It's a mistery how it vanished, how it left me here}

*{Hoy siento mucho más lejos aquellas noches de calor y esto es para decirte lo mucho que pienso en ti}{Maybe we were born to run forever, or maybe we wete born to come together... or whatever}{I love you but life can't wait}

*{the lines show the way.... now i know the rest is okay}{Now take these rings and stow them safe away, I'll wear them on another rainy day}

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